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Converged Management
Pulse Secure Pulse One streamlines access management of enterprise services and applications in the data center and cloud from one intuitive appliance.

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The IT nexus of mobile, cloud and business intelligence is redefining enterprise access and worker productivity. The rapid adoption of these technologies has forced many IT organizations to deploy three to five tools to manage enterprise access. Security policies are implemented across diverse silos that increase operational overhead, create risk from error, and obfuscate compliance reporting. To fully scale the services that their users need, IT must retool their access infrastructure so that it is adaptable, easier to manage and instrumented for analytics.


Today's organizations need a cloud-based platform that supports centralized management of remote, mobile, and campus access to the data center or cloud, and:

Other challenges these organizations face include:

Error-prone access management.
Managing access security appliances on a box-by-box basis is time-consuming for resource-strapped IT teams - and it's an approach that is prone to error.

Disparate point solutions.
Separate solutions for remote, local, and mobile enterprise access increase equipment expenditures, operational overhead, and compliance complexity.

Burdensome bulk operations.
Without centralized management capabilities, IT teams can't easily perform firmware updates and policy changes across the enterprise, or replicate configuration and polices from one appliance to many.


Pulse Secure Pulse One enables end-to-end control of enterprise access of mobile, remote, and local devices through converged management capabilities, including basic enterprise mobility management (EMM) functionality. It's an easy-to-deploy and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service solution for VPN, network access control (NAC), and mobility. No more box-by-box management: just one single, intuitive, role-based web console that supports seamless management of endpoint and mobile device security policies for all users and corporate and personal devices - both iOS and Android. Pulse One also makes unified compliance reporting, system health reporting, and mass provisioning a snap for IT. With the converged management tools that Pulse One provides, IT teams can become more agile, while helping enterprises to do the same.